Digital Marketing Audit

Digital Marketing Audit

ACR Digital Marketing Audit is designed to provide clients with an overall assessment of their current digital marketing and analytics environment, identifying any areas of critical concern and making recommendations for improvement.

More Than Just Automated Testing

To determine the health of your digital marketing technologies, you deserve more than a bunch of automated tests. A lot of the health checks and audits out there use robots to run a series of automated tests and then simply compile a summary and send it to you. The ACR Digital Marketing Audit is different: a senior digital marketing analyst with years of experience helping clients get the most from their technology investments will perform and personally analyze every item in the battery of tests we perform, including many checks that no automated tool offers.

Timing: 1-2 weeks, start to finish   |    Cost: $499

Testing Process

  1. ACR uses a 27-point testing methodology, testing everything from Web Analytics tag deployment and validity to web site performance, competitive social reach, evaluation of analytics instrumentation, and more.
  2. A skilled ACR Analyst with years of analytics and digital marketing experience will conduct your audit. After a brief initial review of the site, the analyst will contact you to schedule a 1-hour interview session to verify initial findings, web site goals, etc. Then the analyst will conduct a 27-point audit covering the following general areas:
    • Analytics Tag Assessment
    • Analytics Instrumentation
    • Site Performance
    • Mobile Assessment
    • Marketing Technology Assessment
  3. Finally, the ACR Analyst will contact you to review the results and discuss any recommended next steps based on the findings.

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